Raktha Chandanam – Forget Scars!

Raktha Chandanam, Life at Home, Satbaaz On  a recent visit to Mysore with my family, I found something interesting – Raktha chandanam(Red Sandalwood) wood piece in a shop. As with any shop keeper, on the slightest enquiry, I was subject to a 5 min. talk of marketing stuff. The item was of interest to me and this was obvious to the shop keeper. The negotiations broke down and  I had to return without purchasing one because of the high price that he quoted. I walked a few metres and came across the outlet of Karnataka State Tourism Board. The price was much lower than what I encountered earlier and finally I purchased the item of interest, costing me Rs.66/- for 117 g piece. The reason I purchased was not just interest in the piece of wood, but also because of benefits that I had heard and observed.

I had seen few of my friends and my cousins applying raktha chandanam on their faces regularly. In general, the chandanam or the normal sandal paste is supposed to be good for the face as it considered to be one of the natural face packs. Even the raktha chandanam (red sandalwood paste) can be used as face pack. It is much more intensive than the normal sandal paste,and is specifically used to treat the acne and pimples. In Kerala, certain temples offer this to be applied on your forehead.


  • Heals the scars and removes the marks.
  • Removes the excess oil from the face and facilitate reduction of pimples and acne
  • Used in treatment of insect bites.
  • Aids in removing the tan
  • Tightens the facial skin.
  • Powerful antiseptic, used in treating minor skin abrasions.

How to apply?

Raktha Chandanam can be applied to face directly or mixed with items like rose water, turmeric or honey and then applied on face. When applied on face twice a day, believe me it gives a glowing face! Try it out, let your face glow!

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